Payments from a WebMoney


To make payments to participants of the WebMoney system from a wallet registered to your legal entity, you need to obtain a WM Passport of the Budget Automation Tool and integrate the API for automated payments

 or use the Masspayment service.

Payments from

a WebMoney wallet:

Receive a WM Passport of the Budget Automation Tool
A representative of the legal entity needs to  register with the WebMoney system and receive a WM Personal Passport.
Then you need to register a WMID for your company.
Provide the required documents in electronic form and the originals of the documents to the Verification Centre by any convenient method. Make an identification payment from your company bank account.
Detailed Instructions
Choose a convenient solution
1The Masspayment service
Upload a file with your payment requests in XML or CSV format onto the service and follow the instructions.
2Automated payments
Integrate the Payment API into your website. The detailed instructions can be found via the following link.
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